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In the words of founder Stephen A. Petroni

It was my passionate interest in the world of historical firearms and militaria that led me to set up Lock, Stock and Barrel (LSB) in 1996.

I was carrying on a tradition initiated by my late father Joseph who in the 1950’s ran an outlet in Valletta selling air guns and scale models. Joseph was a keen hunter and sports shooter. He also collected antique firearms that he bought in local auctions.

The turning point in my life came when I founded the Arms, Armour & Militaria Society (AAMS) with a small group of fellow enthusiasts in 1985. It is to the sole credit of this group of pioneers and the Society that later became the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors & Shooters (AMACS) that the transition from the colonial Arms Act of 1931 to a modern one based on the EU Arms Directive ever took place. It is very satisfying to note that arms collecting and sports shooting are now firmly entrenched as regulated social activities and to see that so many serious enthusiasts are reaping the fruits of our labour. Government’s commitment to assist in the setting up of a national shooting range and to develop sports shooting tourism is the culmination of our aspirations.

I have learnt much from over two decades of negotiations with successive Governments and Police officials and the success in reaching our goals have encouraged me to continue my involvement in the fine-tuning and improvement of Malta's sensible arms legislation. I took my local experience to a new level when I was elected Chairman of the Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors (FESAC) in 2007 and later a board member of the European Sports Shooting Forum (ESSF), negotiation arms legislation at EU level and defending enthusiasts’ rights in European States.

LSB is run as a traditional, tightly-knit family business. The other two family members are my wife Ann, who besides being the financial director is also responsible for police and military tenders, and my son Julian who handles sales and customer care. Julian is not new to the subject as we have spent countless hours together discussing the interesting artefacts that have gone through our hands and the fascinating history behind them. Julian is continuing in the tradition of quality customer service that we have built over the years as he continues to learn from the experience that I have gained. The LSB team also includes professionals who bring their experience to provide our customers with the best solutions.

LSB is no ordinary gunshop. It is a treasure trove of fine quality sporting and historical arms and militaria at decent prices combined with the best advice derived from an intimate knowledge of the subject in all its facets, be it legal, technical, logistical or historical.

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