German MP34/1 Bergmann (2891)

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An extremely rare German Bergmann MP34/I 9mm machine pistol manufactured by Walther in the 1930s and clandestinely supplied to Republicans fighting in the Spanish Civil War. No proofs visible externally but the bottom of the receiver is marked crown/N. Serial number 2891. Excellent 95% original finish.

The forerunner of the MP35 was the MP32 that Danish company Schultz & Larsen produced (under licence from the Bergmann company) and which was chambered for 9x23mm Bergmann ammunition. The BMP32 design was later updated by the Bergmann factory and in 1934, the Bergmann MP34 submachine gun appeared (not to be confused with the different Steyr MP34). The limited manufacturing capabilities at the Bergmann plant required production to be shifted to Carl Walther's Zella-Mehlis plant. This German company produced some 2,000 BMP34s for export and domestic sales. Several variants of the BMP34 were manufactured with a 200mm standard or 320mm barrel. During 1935, a simplified version of the BMP34 designated as Bergmann MP35/I appeared. Initial production orders for MP35 were also placed at Walther, which made about 5,000 SMGs between 1936 and 1940. With the outbreak of World War II, production once again shifted from Walter to Junker & Ruh (manufacture code 'ajf') to manufacture the MP35 weapon (which it did through to 1944). During the war, about 40,000 Bergmann submachine guns were produced by Junker, and almost all were supplied to the Waffen-SS.


Product Specifications
Caliber 9mm Bergmann
Barrel length 200mm
Magazine Capacity 24/32

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