German MP41 Haenel (22406)

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Product Description

A rare German Haenel MP41 machine pistol in 9x19mm calibre. Marked M.P.41 PATENT SCHMEISSER C.G.HAENEL, SUHL on top receiver. Eagle/37 acceptance marks on barrel/receiver and Eagle/WaA44 on receiver. Ribbed magazine housing. Correct magazine marked MP41 PAT SCHMEISSER. Serial number 22406. Arsenal refurbished condition.

Hugo Schmeisser designed the MP 41, which was an MP 40 with a wooden rifle stock and a selector, identical to those found on the earlier MP 28 submachine gun. The MP 41 was not introduced as a service weapon with the German Army, but saw limited use with some SS and police units. They were also exported to Germany's ally, Romania. The MP 41's production run was brief, as Erma filed a successful patent infringement lawsuit against Schmeisser's employer, Haenel.



Product Specifications
Caliber 9x19mm
Barrel length 251mm
Magazine Capacity 32

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