Czechoslovak CZ Vz.24

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Product Description

CZ Vz.24 Semi-Automatic pistol

The Vz.24 design is an improvement by Czech arms designer Frantisek Myska over the earlier Vz.22 designed by Josef Nickl. It was adopted by the Czechoslovak army as Armádni pistole Vz.24, or Army pistol model 24 and it was produced in significant numbers between 1925 and 1944, seeing uses also by the German army and police. This pistol bears the Czechoslovak army acceptance mark and date "1937". The pistol retails 95% or its original finish and the bore is dull.

Product Specifications
Caliber 9x17 / .380 ACP
Barrel length 90 mm
Dimensions 190 mm
Weight 680 g
Magazine Capacity 8

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