British L1A1 7.62x51 Semi Automatic Rifle


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Price: €1,000 - 1,200

Product availability: In Stock
Product Description

We have a limited stock available of these famous and reliable rifles that were manufactured by Enfield and BSA from 1957. All have been refurbished by the Royal and Electrical Mechanical Engineers (R.E.M.E.) and are in excellent shooting condition. Price varies according to condition.

Also available are a choice of original accessories, including:

- Sling (web or nylon) euro 10

- Magazine 20-rounds euro 30

- Magazine loader euro 10

- Cleaning kit euro 20


Product Specifications
Caliber 7.62x51
Barrel length 554mm
Weight 4.4 Kg
Magazine Capacity 20/30

Associated Accessories

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