Walther PPQ M2 5"


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Product Description

Walther PPQ M2 5'' Semi-Automatic Pistol 9x19

Building on the great heritage of the original PPQ, Walther introduces its new sport version of the PPQ M2. With an overall length of 8.1 inches (206 mm) and a barrel length of 5 inches (127 mm) it is fitted with an adjustable polymer rear sight for target- and competition shooting as for personal protection and also concealed carrying. Optional sights for IPSC shooters will follow. The two rows of cuttings in the slide are no ports but for weight reduction and therefore quicker cycling when shooting fast.

Product Specifications
Caliber 9x19
Sight Radius 183 mm
Barrel length 127 mm
Dimensions 206 x 135 x 34 mm
Weight 737 g Without Magazine
Trigger Weight 25 N
Magazine Capacity 15 shot (Optional 17)

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